Tiki Fuckos


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Age I feel: 27

Age I act: 12 (I've matured a bit)

Playa Hobbies: Smiling, cruising, climbing, spinning (around and around), drinking, partisipating, building.

Skills: Analytical thinking, design, anything nerdy

Why I burn: Because it is what life is about

How many burns: 1 but for the rest of my life.

Favorite playa food: It all tastes like playa to me, delicious.

Daytime style: Casual desert trash

Nighttime style: Old military crap

What I bring to the community: A big pile of junk that can be put together into cool crap. A helpful smiling face.

Personal ethos: Love lovers and fuck fuckers. Every smile adds 10 seconds to your life, I'm going to live forever.

More About Me: I love mind puzzles, riddles etc. This goes for even things people do not normally consider riddles. Designing things, figuring out answers to problems, doing things people normally don't. Give me anything and I'll tell you what's interesting about it to me. I like engineering, designing. I like to build robots and other things that make people say "wow". And I love this girl.

Eternity is a very long time, especially towards the end