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Age I feel: 31, b/c I am what I am, eh?

Age I act: 31 I mean, what does that really mean? I should write a paper called " 'Growing Up'...and other lies they taught us". lol

Playa Hobbies: I'm about to find out.

Skills: ehhh.......? Smiling at strangers?

Why I burn: b/c its better than freezing. Um, b/c it combines my favorite things, the outdoors, music/art, and building communities.

How many burns: Zip, zero, nada

Favorite playa food: 'spose I'll find out soon.

Daytime style: casual, skirts, tank top, flip flops

Nighttime style: Naked. I also enjoy bright & colorful and mostly naked.

What I bring to the community: Anything I can. A smile, lots of hugs, friends, music, and hopefully some oil wrestling contests!

Personal ethos:
* Life: seize it, live it, love it!
* To everything there is a season. Live a balanced life
* Pass it on...