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Cheesy, Cheesy Bob, Bob, Bobby, Robert, Fucking newbie, 3rd most wanted, The great bobboo. Call me what you want I might answer


Age I feel: Depends on day and time. Some times I feel like a old man and some times I feel like I am 6 again and then there is every thing in between but it is so good.

Age I act: Ya just the Fucking same as the last one.

Playa Hobbies: I think of a hobby as something I do if I am board. How can any one be board out there? So ya no hobbies.

Skills: I can do any thing. I love to build things and come up with new ideas or make thing better than they were before I got there.

Why I burn: Why not? It's a life style now and boy it sure fits.

How many burns: 2 and it wont stop until I run out of money.

Favorite playa food: I like every thing that people have made so far but fave had to be having a home bru out on deep playa.

Daytime style: It is Fucking hot so as little as possible

Nighttime style: Ya just the opposite. Big homosexual polar bear coat.

What I bring to the community: I love to get people to gather to build things that are out of the reach of most people to do by themselves.

Personal ethos: You could build a space shuttle if you wanted to.