Tiki Fuckos


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I dont like change but I get bored easily of familiarity. I take great pleasure in the feel, taste, touch, smell, sight, and sound of things. I am extremely curious of life which causes me to ask many questions. I love to learn new things and am open to new experiences. I will try anything once and want to do and see as much as I can before its too late. My lifes goal is to visit the world. I am a child at heart and never want to grow up. My ideas seem to always turn for the worst; nothing ever happens flawlessly. I am a huge klutz and seem to have permanent bruises on my legs from constantly tripping. I can be sort of a scatterbrain but it is because I have so many ideas and thoughts that it is hard to keep track of them all. I am dedicated to my friends and I strive to never give up, which can lead to stubbornness at times. At first I am shy but once I become comfortable I will do and say anything. I can be very hyper and crazy but at home I like to be lazy and relax.