Tiki Fuckos

Luau burningman style (Wednesday night)
I am thinking that wed night should be our big night. We need to do a Hawaiian pot luck/BBQ. Lots of pineapple :) We should also try to get some fire spinners and eaters over. Pick up all of the Hawaiian shirts you can at the thrift store to get every one in the spirit that night.

Items that could be used for this project are:

  • Polynesian dress/Hawaiian shirts
  • Fire spinners and fire eaters
  • Food (themed preferably)
    • Pineapple
    • A pig and a way to cook it (Car-B-Q?)
    • Shish-ka-bobs
    • Teriyaki
    • Fruity drink stuff

Tiki Theme

Our theme is Tiki. Hawaiian, desert island, Gilligan's Island, Swiss Family Robinson, Pacific Island, voodoo, or sailing; all will fit the mood we've been shooting for. This doesn't mean you should not contribute art in all forms to our camp, it is all welcome, but the more of this stuff we gather the better the effect of the theme.

Ideas for "tiki" stuff

  • Anything made of bamboo
  • Hibiscus flowers
  • Grass skirt material (though wind may cause problems)
  • Coconuts
  • Tribal war paint
  • Polynesian, surf, or tribal music
  • Solar Tiki torches (real ones tend to fall over on the playa and are frowned upon unless made completely stable).

Fire cannon:
This is a propane cannon designed and built by Cheesy and Kaos. It is fully functional but still needs a little work. Testing of it showed that pressures would not exceed 60 psi at around 80 degrees ambient temperature. Additionally the propane tank would freeze over reducing the rate of evaporation of propane and taking longer to accumulate pressure.

Some ideas to fix this problem are:
Add additional propane tanks. This would increase the surface area of heat being absorbed into the system and increase the rate of evaporation.
Use a heating blanket attached to our generator to heat the tank.
Make a propane-burning heater. This requires more work than a heat blanket but does not require a generator to be near by.

Items that could be used for this project are:

  • Heat blanket
  • Large additional propane tanks
  • Old gas heater or stoves

21' Dia. Geodesic dome:

This dome is the idea of and funded by Cheesy. Billdo and Mike helped dimension and construct it. It was shelter at BM06 and will be used as one of the primary sleeping quarters for our camp at BM07. It is a 4 frequency design and constructed out of math" EMT and a cargo parachute.

Items that could be used for this project are:

  • Carpet that we can make into a circular piece about 24' dia.
  • Nice hammocks to put inside
  • Anything comfy, couches, cushions, rugs etc.
  • A couple large containers to hold the 100, ~4' long struts, bolts and parachute
  • Clips to hold the parachute to the frame

36'-50' Dia. Geodesic dome:

This is still in the design phases. We are working on getting cheap material to construct the dome out of. Our current prospect is 1" dia. galvanized fence post. We can collect about 300 feet easily and for free but may need up to 3000 feet in at least 4' long pieces. Also a cover will need to be made. Burlap is currently the material we're considering.

A good page and the page we've been using for design of the dome is:

Items that could be used for this project are:(numbers are for 50' dome. Final design will probably be less than 50')

  • About 3000' of metal tubing. We're currently thinking about designing around 10' pieces cut into pieces slightly smaller or larger than 5' but the design can vary.
  • About 4000 sq. ft. (about 450 yards) of burlap (how flamible is it?) or other material for a cover.
  • About 2000 sq. ft. of carpet

Steel Pyramid

This is being constructed out of 4, 20' steel poles designed to hold up lights in a parking lot. It will be roughly 15' tall and fill a 15'x15' square. From the middle the steel chandelier can be hung or more likely a stripper pole at our burningman camp. We intend to make flame effects along the frame, most likely using copper tubing and propane.

We now have everything to finish this wonder of the world. Well Ok still don't have the striper pole.  :(

Items that could be used for this project are:

  • Stripper Pole (about 15')
  • Platform (or materials) for stripper pole
  • Copper tubing or other material to run propane up the sides
  • Propane tanks(s)
  • ~1 foot of 2" black pipe, one side threaded MPT
  • 2" electric sprinkler solenoid or valve.

Bamboo Shower

This shower is being designed and constructed by Mike and those who help. He has most if not all of the main bamboo needed. The plan is to make a wood frame and use bamboo to make it into a platform. Under the platform we can hide the container for the gray water, the clean water reservoir, the bilge pump and the battery. Mike has a small 2W solar panel to keep the battery charged. A shelf will be built for soap etc. An outer frame made of bamboo will be constructed to support a fountain and privacy curtains. The fountain will take clean water and circulate it back to the clean reservoir. The fountain will probably be a series of small waterfalls from bamboo, coconuts, ladles and anything else that is dug up and could look cool.

Items that could be used for this project are:

  • 4, 8'long 2x4's
  • 4, 18"long 4x4's
  • Bamboo
  • 12v bilge pump
  • Old looking bucket that can hold water
  • 12V car battery
  • Leather strips for lashings
  • Water container for about 2 to 10 gallons not more than 18 inches tall (preferably shorter)
  • Hawaiian print or canvas for privacy curtains

Burning Radio

We're planning on running a small radio station at burningman. Most of the time it will be automated off of a random playlist. The plan is to play mostly music that fits our theme, though this will likely change. Some DJs want to use our "venue" and depending on how much time they want to dedicate, we may end up playing much different music than intended.

As far as the FM transmitter, we could use some advise. We know what hardware is needed but the specifics on how to get it all working, with cost efficiency in mind, are tough. We are also unsure of how much power will be required to cover Black Rock City. My first guess would be that 5 watts should be enough, but I'd like to get equipment that can do up to 100W. If someone knows some HAM equipment that can be easily modified to use "standard" FM frequencies, I think that would be ideal.

Items that could be used for this project are:

  • 100 ft, low loss coaxial cable
  • Complete FM transmitter or components
    • Signal generator
    • FM modulator
    • Signal conditioner
    • Small signal amplifier
    • Power amplifier
    • SWR meter
    • Dummy load, 100W

Safety 3rd Stickers/signs

This was the idea of Cheesy. We're planning on printing 3"x3" stickers. Current plans are to print 6000 of them and the price we found is $0.12 each. We're also making larger versions. "Safety 3rd" came from a list of gigsvilles rules where safety is 3rd on the list.

RULE) SAFETY 1/3 (or SAFETY IS THIRD) - The FIRST consideration is always Jackassery (tm) and Fun (tm). period. end of discussion. This may include any number of activities including, but not limited to: continuing to push buttons long after there is no effect, taunting others, setting things on fire, sticking things together that usually are not, secretly altering events so that Nobody is aware, poking stuff with a Poking Stick(tm), recreational sports, non-recreational sports...

The SECOND consideration is all OTHER considerations, such as, but not limited to: gaining obtainium, construction, planning, getting beer in order to do said planning, creating a list for planning, creating (yet another) list for talking amongst ourselves that has nothing to do with planning. period.

The THIRD consideration then, and only then, will be Safety. All Equipment for Safety should be reviewed in a Safety Meeting. period. Make of that what you will.

Stainless Steel Chandelier

This is a 6' dia. polished stainless steel dish. It will be lined with copper tubing with holes for propane to leak out and combust. It will most likely hang inside of our large geodesic dome by chains.

I cant believe that it was going to be recycled. Glad we got it

Items that could be used for this project are:

  • Copper tubing or other material to run propane up the sides
  • Propane tanks(s)

Transportation of all the goodies: F550 and flatbed trailor

Cheesy needs to get his F550 running to haul all our crap. It used to have a motor home camper on the back but it's been ripped off and will be made into a flat bed. It also needs a new gas tank (probably custom made by us) In addition he has a trailer that needs a bed and tires. Hopefully between those we can get our stuff out there, but it needs some work.

Items that could be used for this project are:

  • 4, 15" truck tires rims
  • 8 sheets of 4'x 8' diamond plate or aluminum ~ 3/16"
  • Steel stock